INO-DJT industrial knives

Special Knives

INO-DJT established its reputation in many years of manufacturing knives for special purposes (Special Knives), to meet needs of variety industries. With our highly experienced team and high-tech machines we manufacture durable special knives, made strictly by the customer's request.

We produce and supply a wide variety of high quality special knives, and our products are always made in a high tolerance. Material for special knives varies on the material to be cut and INO-DJT can produce a wide range of special knives in various popular materials.

Our range covers a wide variety of industries, such as:
• Abrasives
• Carpet
• Food processing
• Leather
• Metals and foils
• Paper
• Packaging
• Poultry
• Plastics
• Rubber
• Textiles

We use high quality tool steels and stainless steels specifically selected for your industry, such as 52100, D-2/3, 0-1, M-2, ASP 23, or you can see more materials on section MATERIALS .

To ask for specific size and dimensions for the special knives, and for all other information, please CONTACT US.