INO-DJT industrial knives

Perforating Blades and Knives

INO-DJT established its reputation in many years of manufacturing Perforating Blades and Knives, to meet needs of variety industries. With our highly experienced team and high-tech machines we manufacture durable perforating blades, made strictly by the customer's request.

We produce and supply a wide range of perforating blades and knives with different tooth forms, for a wide array of cut types and for all kinds of use, regardless of its industry.

Some of the industries in which they are used:
• Abrasives
• Carpet
• Food processing
• Leather
• Metals and foils
• Paper
• Packaging
• Poultry
• Plastics
• Rubber
• Textiles

We use high quality tool steels and stainless steels specifically selected for your industry, such as 52100, D-2/3, 0-1, M-2, ASP 23, or you can see more materials on section MATERIALS .

We can offer perforating knives and blades up to 500 mm outside diameter.

To ask for specific size and dimensions for the perforating knives and blades, and for all other information, please CONTACT US.