INO-DJT industrial knives

Croatian manufacturer of industrial knives

INO-DJT has been known in manufacturing of industrial knives for over three decades. With our high experience level we provide a full range of industrial knives and blades for many industries and companies worldwide.

Our range includes many types of knives and blades, including but not limited to: Top Dish Knives, Bottom Knives, Circular Knives, Core Cutting Knives, Perforating Blades and Knives, Shear Slitters, Straight Knives and Knives for Special Purposes (Special Knives).

We manufacture industrial knives and blades for paper, metal and foils, textiles, food processing, leather, packaging and many other industries. Knives and blades can be made from different types of material, which you can see in Materials, specifically selected for your industry.

Our trained business personnel and good organization give to our customers excellent service and short delivery time. We deal with several carrier and freight companies so can always obtain a competitive price for carriage to any destination.